Iron Mike Ditka

Mike Ditka. They called him iron Mike. The biographer said that someone once said he had a face like a fist. Someone said he dislocated his ankle doing a game and he popped it back in and kept on playing. That was Mike Ditka. Chicago was Mike Ditks’s kind of town.  Someone said that Ditka had to kick butt all the time. That was and is, Mike Ditka. He is known as no holds barred Ditka. He was no Saint.

His players knew him as a coach who embodied the Old School values, but applied them in a modern unique way.  He was called the ultimate motivator. The ultimate passionate man. He called himself a product of America.  A native of  Aliquippa,  Pennsylvania.  Aliquippa is the home of a surprising number of very famous people, Mike Ditka (Chicago Bears) , Tony Dorsett  (Dallas Cowboys) , Henry Mancini (Conductor) ,  Pete Maravich,  Press  Maravich (Pete’s father), Ty Law (NFL player Denver, New England), Darrelle Revis  (New York Jets) ,  Sean Gilbert  (Washington, Oakland Carolina),   Joe  Letterri (Visual Effects for the movie Avatar), you get the picture, famous people are in the genes apparently in Aliquippa, PA.

He played on the state championship team in 1955.  Mike Ditka went to Pitt to be a dentist.  In 1961 he was the Chicago Bears first round draft choice.  He played Tight End, the first tight in used as a defensive weapon.  He was also the first tight end to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.  He was a fierce competitor. In 1963 Ditka helped lead the Bears to  a  world championship.  George Halas traded Mike Ditka to Philadelphia. Ditka began to drink. George Landry Dallas coach took a chance on Mike Ditka.  Ditka played for three years in Dallas and became special team coach there.

Mike Ditka wrote George Halas and told him he wanted to be a head coach for the Chicago Bears.  George Halas hired him as head coach of the Bears. The Bears became Mike Ditka’s life and the rest is history as Ditka took the Bears to the Super Bowl in 1985.


2 thoughts on “Iron Mike Ditka”

  1. Aliquippa, Hopewell, Beaver Falls, New Brighton and the list goes on
    Terry and Tito Francona, Joe Willie Namath – Beaver Valley, PA
    San Rocco Days

    We were blessed, we are blessed, come on Shell Oil and help us again

    1. It’s fascinating about the talent in your area, I would like to hear more about the history. It is certainly a special place! Thanks for the comment.

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