Republicans Appear To Care Little About The Poor and Afflicted

Do not rob the poor because he is poor, or crush the afflicted at the gate. – Proverbs 22:22

Politicians like Ron Paul want to take away Health Insurance Reform and have everyone start over. They want to stop programs for the poor, because it is breaking the government’s back and causing hardship for us Americans who have the means to take care of ourselves.  Somehow, we are missing the point of what Jesus taught, which was to love our fellow-man and be our brothers keeper.  Tell that to a Republican and you get a message of self-reliance.  Funny how we rely on ourselves until no one on this earth can save us, then we conveniently turn to Jesus Christ. But that’s alright he will still accept you into his kingdom. In fact that’s absolutely a good time to do it.  Don’t ever rule out Jesus!

Use see He is a forgiving God, no mater what you done, no matter how big a scoundrel or sinner you are, He’ll forgive you, because he gave you the gift of grace,  eternal life, as long as you acknowledge Jesus Christ the Son of God  is  Lord.  Maybe these Republicans will wake up and see the true word, the word of  eternal life from the Lord.  There is no separation of Church and State, don’t  forget that, it’s the difference between receiving eternal life or eternal misery.