Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis dies at 82 – ESPN

Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis dies at 82 – ESPN.

Al Davis was one of the most influential owners in the history of the National Football League and the history of the Game.  It is safe to say that Davis  was  a maverick, who marched to his own drum and he was quite successful at it.  His slogan was ” Just Win, Baby!  That’s all he asked, Al Davis  was a winner and his team personified winners, that list of players that wore the black and  silver are legendary, Stabler, Blanda, Madden (Coach), Allen, Hendrick, Long. There were so many players who defined this  organization that truly defined itself not by society, but  by the Raider Code, of being a Raider.

Al Davis personified that, he let his players be players, and they played hard, made few apologies for it and they played tough.  So many great players, played for Al Davis, some mean, some not so mean, some eccentric, some not so eccentric, but Davis was able to mold them into Raiders. That’s what made him so special. Al Davis will be missed and the NFL want be the same with out him. Rest In peace Al Davis.