How Will Obama Respond To Grassroot Occupy Demonstrations?

The organizers of the Grassroots occupy movement will need to think long and hard about Political Influence in this movement. Wall street literally funded the Obama campaign in 2008.

Obama ignored what really needed to be done and left the door open for what we see now, mass demonstrations and mass dissatisfaction.

Why did this happen? Obama passed a watered down Heath care bill that did not include a public option. He hired Tim Geitner as his Treasury secretary. Obama was a friend to banks and Wall Street but not a friend to the 99% who are suffering. But a big friend to the 1% in big business. Obama can be characterized as someone who did not go far enough to.

Give jobs to the jobless

To give healthcare to everyone including a public option

To give those with student loans some relief.

And to give homeowners some relief.

Obama has some explaining to do He will get support and win against the republicans but it will not be business as usual, the grassroots movement will not stand for it.