Student Athletes Should Be Paid

It’s time to pay student athletes. To often we resurrect the same old tired excuses why we should not pay student athletes.

Many people have said that it is not fair to pay them because they are getting a free ride scholarship in return for their athletic services. While other students who are not athletes pay for their education.

I’m sure there are pros and con regarding this issue,  but the bottom line is colleges are raking in millions of dollars.  Student athletes are quite frankly  merely athletes.  The graduation rates  hover around 57% for college student athletes as a whole by the time the reach 24 years of age. For low income student  athletes it’s 8% by the time the are 24.

The bottom line is they are not students in the  true since of the word, be cause most of their time is spent practicing and traveling to games. It’s time the NCAA stopped fining everyone fro accepting money and cut the charade. These are theoretically paid to play athletes who make lots of money for the respective schools, so they should receive some compensation

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