Vick’s No Calls from the Officials Must Be Addressed

Is Michael Vick right regarding his complaints of no calls from the officials for late hits?  It appears that he may be right, but it depends on who is actually analyzing the situation. The New York Post certainly believes Vick is wrong, but beyond the hype, there are actually a number of factors that need to be considered.

Mike Vick  certainly is getting little or no protection from the o-line, that is an area of performance that must be addressed. Vick as the starting quarterback cannot  endure many more hits such as he has been subjected to in the first three games of the Eagles season. Vick is a victim of the system and the fact that he has been instructed to stay in the pocket. This certainly is not Vick’s style.  But we will see if Andy Reid will allow Vick to  add more running creativity to his game, thus avoiding the devastating sacks he has absorbed.