President Obama To Host Linkedin Town Hall

WASHINGTON (Dow Jones)–Rounding out a triumvirate of town halls with social media companies, President Barack Obama will participate in a town hall meeting on the economy that will be hosted by LinkedIn, the White House said Tuesday.

During the town hall, which will take place Sept. 26 in Mountain View, Calif., President Obama will take questions on the economy from members in the audience and LinkedIn members from around the U.S.

The town hall comes at a time when the president is taking a more forceful approach in sharing his views on how to shape the nation’s economy.

LinkedIn will be the third social-media company the president has had a town hall with. He previously participated in town halls with micro-blogging service Twitter Inc. and Facebook Inc.

During the Twitter town hall President Obama became the first sitting U.S. president to send a tweet.

The White House has generally pitched these town halls as a way for the president to reach out to younger voters. LinkedIn is a network for professionals to connect with each other and look for jobs. It likely has an older customer base than the other social media companies.