What Causes Cancer?

The more we talk about cancer, the more we continue to be stumped as to what causes it.  Many of us have our theories, genetics, environment, work environment, the food we eat, the debate goes on.  What could possibly be the ultimate cause? We have many studies that have shown different conclusions that shed light on possible causes, but there are simply very few positives.  We are are in a perpetual state of perplexity.

For those of us who know someone with cancer, or may have experienced the disease or even currently living with it, we are challenged to find answers.  We know the affects of the disease and we know it is certainly no  walk in the park. Trust me.

The research continues, the same is true for the warnings that are issued  on a daily basis.  This only gives cause for alarm, so we’re left to continue to search while considering the research, and drawing our own conclusions.  We can only hope that a cure can be found. This will in itself  be another of God’s  miracles.