Mr. President Your Speech To Congress was a Home Run

Mr. President, you  stood up to the Republicans in Congress tonight.  You made it awfully hard for Republicans to ignore your plea ” To Pass This Plan Now.”  I am with you and proud of your response.  I believe the response was right on time!   This is what the country needed from you.  They needed this speech desperately from you.  You will see your poll numbers rise rapidly as a result of this speech.

The American people needed you to fight for them and you certainly did that for us tonight.  We are with you, Mr. President!  We know that you will continue to be passionate about helping the American people.   This speech was a home run and  when your Poll numbers rise, it will be because the American people truly believe that you are really fighting for them.

Yes, it was high stakes, and you rose to the moment and delivered. Congratulations!