Vick Will Live Up to His $100 Million Contract

Now that Mike Vick has signed a $100 million contract.  There are tons of articles on the internet. Will Vick live up to the level of the contract? Will Vick return to his old ways?  You get the gist of it.  Just random pontificating and conjecture. People fail to realize what this guy has gone through.

He literally lost  everything, money, status, material possessions and his freedom. Vick literally went to hell and back when he actually did time in prison. Now tell me, wouldn’t you think Vick would settle for a lot less than $100 million, if he had his freedom and he was actually able to play football? I think so, it certainly beats prison.

He knows he made a stupid and terrible mistake and he paid a big price for it. He would have to be a complete idiot  if he chose to go down that same path once again.  He’s learned his lesson, if nothing else he has more to prove now by winning a super bowl , and more importantly by being a model person and a good citizen.