Republicans Want to Destroy President Obama and President Obama Wants To Compromise With Republicans

President Obama continually stumbles into  mishaps and he continually cave, gives in to Republicans.  The latest fiasco is the scheduling conflicts in his efforts to call a joint session of Congress to present his job plan speech. Someone said that America need a jobs plan, but the President needs a social secretary.

President Obama also needs to think about switching parties,  maybe he has a secret  desire to be a Republican.   The President  really has no basis or background to even begin to know what it means to be  an African American.  He was not raised in a black  household by black parents, so he has absolutely no reference point.  His reference point is primarily multi-racial.

We call him the first African- American President, primarily  because of lienage. He had an African father, who was in effect absent.

That hardly qualifies him to really know what it means to be a black man in America.  Any knowledge he gleamed came  second hand from any Black Man  or Woman he may have known.  President Obama is a good man, a very good man, however, he finds it awful hard  take a hard line against Republicans.

He most likely had to get along all his life growing up  as the only black in the neighborhood.  So he learned to compromise, no matter what the cost.  That’s a good thing, however Republicans have no good intentions toward  President Obama.  He needs to use the bully pulpit of the White House to get the lowly Republicans in line, to overcome,  quite frankly, their blatant racism toward the President.