President Obama Says He fed Up With Washington’s Gridlock

NEW YORK (AP) — Aligning himself with a public fed up with economic uncertainty and Washington gridlock, President Barack Obama declared Thursday: “There is nothing wrong with our country. There is something wrong with our politics.”

His toughly worded message — he said there was frustration in his voice, in case anyone missed the point — came amid a series of polls showing that people are disgusted with political dysfunction and are dispensing blame all around, including on Obama.

Obama aired his frustration with the ways of Washington at an event in Michigan before pivoting to his re-election campaign and a pair of big-money fundraisers in New York City.

He delivered a condensed version of that message at a fundraiser at the lower Manhattan home of movie producer Harvey Weinstein, where celebrities Gwyneth Paltrow and Jimmy Fallon, were among the approximately 50 guests who paid $35,800 each to attend.

Obama said he told his Michigan audience that it deserves better than what it’s been getting from Washington.

“They look at what’s happening in Washington and they think these folks are really from outer space because they don’t seem to understand how critical it is for us all to work together, Republicans, Democrats, independents, in order to move this country forward,” Obama said.

He added that the country is realizing the need to get involved.

“We’re going to have to get engaged and we’re going to have to speak out,” Obama said. “We’re going to have to register the fact that we expect more and we expect better.”

Obama’s visit Thursday to Holland, Mich., and New York, was his first official trip outside Washington after spending more than a month in the nation’s capital dealing with the debt debate. Obama said Americans were right to be worried about the country’s 9.1 percent unemployment rate and fluctuations in the stock market. The contentious and partisan debt debate in Washington, he said, has done little to help.

“Unfortunately what we’ve seen in Washington in the last few months has been the worst kind of partisanship, the worst kind of gridlock, and that gridlock has undermined public confidence and impeded our efforts to take the steps we need for our economy,” Obama said after touring a Michigan factory that makes advanced batteries for alternative-fuel vehicles.

A Washington Post poll released this week showed widespread and deep discontent with Washington. Nearly 80 percent said they were dissatisfied with the way the country’s political system works, compared with 60 percent in November 2009. Seventy-one percent said the federal government is mostly focused on the wrong things, up from 55 percent in October 2010.

Both Obama and congressional Republicans were targets of unhappiness, with only 19 percent of people polled saying that Obama had made progress in solving the country’s major problems, and just 10 percent saying that about Republicans. At the same time, 28 percent said Obama had made things worse, while 35 percent said congressional Republicans had done that.

Obama sought to channel the public’s anger in order to avoid being sunk by it himself. He urged the public to tell Washington lawmakers they’d had enough with the bickering and stalemates.

“You’ve got to tell them you’ve had enough of the theatrics, you’ve had enough of the politics, stop sending out press releases. Start passing some bills that we all know will help the economy right now,” he said. “That’s what they need to do. They’ve got to hear from you.”

House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, promptly responded with a news release, calling the president’s remarks “political grandstanding” and urging him to deliver on promises to outline recommendations to rein in the nation’s deficits.


Rodman Is One Of the Best Defenders And Rebounder in NBA History

Dennis Rodman is in a word a troubled soul, but he is one great basketball player and deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.  You can frown on his antics, his lifestyle, and his misguided life, but no one can deny that this was a man who dominated basketball by rebounding and out hustling his opponent. That is why he is in the Hall of Fame.  He won three championships with the Chicago Bulls.

Rodman joined the Chicago Bulls in 1997.  Rodman knew his role and he always delivered despite his bazaar antics on the court and off.  Why he felt the need to be  flamboyant we will leave that for a therapist to figure out. But no one that knows basketball needs a therapist to know this, Dennis Rodman is one of  the best defensive players, hustlers, and rebounders in NBA history.

Obama Is Not As Far Left As You Think

Published this article on one  of my blogs during the primary season in March. Obama’s Centrist ideology is  coming to fruition.

What’s up with Sean Hannity and the Fox network?  He is hard at work as a republican operative, trying his darnedest to bring down Obama. He’s working overtime at this and he is recruiting some very unlikely allies like Hillary Clinton for one, who seems to be keeping strange company to say the least, with republicans, no less. But this is standard operating procedure with the Clintons. Bill was outstanding at giving lip service to the left, but exposing through his actions, NAFTA not withstanding, republican platforms, that certainly appease the right. Hillary comes from the conservative middle of the road Democratic linage, the safe lane in American politics.

So Clinton will appeal to this segment, largely because it is safe, it is secure. Barack Obama is not far behind. He’s not at all the liberal that many Democrats and many Republicans seem to think he is. There’s  not much on Obama, because it is by design. When it came time for Obama to vote on legislative issues in the Senate, he was conveniently absence. So he has learned to play the political lane, and he has played it well. It was no coincidence that Obama failed to show up at the 40th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s assassination. Too much political fall out would occur. Remember Obama, knows he must have crossover appeal, so he will do nothing that will give the impression that he has far left leanings.

The point is, if any one thinks Obama, is too far to the left, think again, do your research; his voting record in the Senate, it will shed light on his cautionary nature, before he does anything. This says that he is quite adept at sizing up the political landscape before he acts and that he will choose middle ground more often than not, but when he makes a decision he will make it with decisiveness.

No one need worry about Reverend Wright’s influence on Barack Obama, he much too controversial for the senator, It does not fit his nature to follow such a man. So when people like Sean Hannity bring up things like Obama’s association with Reverend Wright, or Obama’s participation in the Million Man March, all of these things were part of a larger issue of Obama, struggling with his own identity. He had to find himself, before he could define himself, so it was a necessary journey. It’s a complicated notion and cannot be summed up in the short sentence: “ Obama is a leftist.” He’s not, he will in the end become a centrist democrat, who will make thoughtful, and well thought out decisions during his time in the Oval Office.

Possible Vote Tampering In Wisconsin

Vote tampering in Wisconsin. It is very real, Shades of Florida’s hanging chad voting strips? Apparently this happened before in Wisconsin and it happened again tonight.  Democratic officials are calling for an investigation.

However, Democrats in Wisconsin are bringing it home tonight, by winning two seats controlled by entrenched Republicans.   President Obama needs to take a page from the defiant and fighting Wisconsin’s, who refused to accept, Governor Scott Walker’s  union busting tactics and actually took back control of the Wisconsin State Senate.  At risk
were Medicare, Medicaid, collective bargaining all are big
issues. It is a recall vote, that is well funded, Intense
and on point. The Democrats took it to the Republican  agenda and sent a message across the country.

Take on the Republicans head on, confront them, don’t compromise (hint -President Obama), and stand up for Democrat principals and Fight!

Scott Walker’s Policies Close to Defeat In Wisconsin Recall Election

I write this before the first returns are broadcast on MSNBC.  The Wisconsin State Senate Recall Elections are on and Democrats are betting that a win of 5 seats will turn the state senate back to Democratic hands.  It is literally Wisconsin’s Gettysburg.  It is a bold move that will shape the tone and the character of congressional, senate, and presidential races in the next year and a half.  This is not something that is normally done. But we will learn so much about the electoral process tonight.

We will perhaps finally be able to say, that the Tea Partiers, Republicans have done more that overstepped their boundaries, but have misjudged the wants and wishes of the majority of the American people. My guess is that because we are being led by Barack Obama, a cerebral President that prides himself on compromise, Democrats have nothing really to get excited about after Obama dialed up the excitement bar 100% during his winning election run for President of the United States only to dial down his performance in the White House.

It took an election to recall the state senators who passed the Mad Scientist, Governor  Scott Walker’s plan to destroy the labor unions in Wisconsin.

NFL Hall of Fame-Deion Sanders, Shannon Sharpe and Marshall Faulk, All Had Moving Acceptance Speeches

The Hall of Fame induction ceremony was in a word riveting. The stories that Shannon Sharpe, Marshall Faulk, and Prime Time Deion Sanders shared with us, were memorable and outstanding. Deion talked about why he felt it necessary to create his persona, Prime Time, so that He could take care of his family, so he could more specifically take care of his mother.

Shannon Sharpe story was equally riveting regarding why he had to make it in order to support his grandmother and everything he did, he did it for her and he did not expect anything from her. Everything we has fans see, we really
don’t know why athletes act the way they do. We don’t know what drives them. It turns out that they have a burden,
particularly African- Americans to support their families,
because most come from single parent homes. Make no mistake;
it takes a smart and intelligent person to make the Hall of
Fame. Having talent is a given, but intelligence is a
characteristic. Hats off to Deion Sanders, Shannon Sharpe,
and Marshall Faulk.

Governor Rick Perry’s Event Honors the Lord

I tuned into the internet stream of Governor Rick Perry’s Event and I can honestly say that it was not political, but spiritual, giving honor and glory to the Lord and our Savior Jesus Christ. It’s about living for the purpose of Almighty God.

The event was an opportunity to give praise and honor to the Lord.  I am not a Republican by any means, but I am drawn to the message of giving praise, honor and glory to the Lord.  Any mean-spirited, judgmental exercise is not appropriate, God would not condone such behavior.

Jesus addressed this issue of Prideful Judgement behavior by saying these words in Matthew 7: 5- You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

Speakers emphasized  we much get our own house in order, rather than point fingers at others. If all of us did this, we would find that  the world would live morally and walk in the light of Lord.  All of us have fallen short of the glory of the Lord. But we must take a stand for the Lord God Almighty.

We must stand up for Jesus, in the face of attacks from everyone. His name is precious and His name is wonderful and He can do the same for your life.

You tried everything else in the evil world, why not try Him?  Almighty God is all inclusive and includes everyone on this earth.

Your home is with the Lord, confess your sins ask, Jesus to come into your life  right here right now and come back home to Him today.  Nothing in this world can give you the peace of mind that you’ll experience by doing this….  don’t trust me, trust the Lord Today.

Tea Party Loses Support

The Tea Party continues to lose support and for good reason.  They are some of the most unreasonable idiots ever to come on the political scene. How the Republicans let the Tea party hijack their party is beyond  me.  The country is in shambles, simply because no one in Washington wants to work with President  Obama.  They are giving him a hard time about everything simply because he is black, yet if you ask Obama if this is true he will deny it.
He will say it because of some obscure notion or reason, but no way is it because of racism.  Yes, this country has come a long way, in terms of race relations  and  America’s youth generations those  39 and younger can  be proud in that regard.  Until we can get rid of those who influence the direction of this country who are  50 and above, we will continue to see racism raise its  ugly head in America. And Obama will have to endure racist nonsense for the rest of his tenure in the White House.
Here’s  a great article on the  idiots  in the Tea Party from the Washington Post.
From the Washington Post

If there’s one thing the debt ceiling battle revealed, it’s that the Tea Party continues to enjoy outsized influence in Washington in general and over the GOP in particular.

So it’s interesting to note that according to the internals of today’s New York Times poll, the Tea Party is rapidly shrinking before our very eyes, and is hemorraging supporters at a surprising rate:

Do you consider yourself to be a supporter of the Tea Party movement, or not?

Yes 18

No 73

The 18 percent who self-identify as Tea Party supporters is at its lowest point, tying the 18 percent who supported it way back in April of 2010, when it was first gaining steam as the Congressional races of last cycle began heating up. The trajectory is interesting: The Times poll shows the Tea Party has had some ups and downs, but it steadily gained supporters as the 2010 campaigns wore on, and peaked with 31 percent of the electorate saying they supported the movement at around the time that the GOP won its massive 2010 victory.

Then its support began to decline, and it then dropped a precipitous eight points from June until today — a period that roughly coincided with the debt ceiling debate, which showcased Tea Party intransigence and self-delusion at its finest. Not only that, but right now, the 73 percent who say they are not supporters is at its highest point ever.

What’s more, as Steve Benen notes, the numbers who disaprove of the Tea Party and who think it has too much influence over the GOP are running as high as ever.

Interestingly, the Tea Party is declining in public support even as its influence in Washington has, if anything, peaked. Even if Tea Partyers didn’t get everything they wanted from the debt deal, Tea Party members of Congress yanked the debate way to the right and continue to receive media coverage that’s surprisingly respectful given that many of them were willing to allow the nation to slide into economic catastrophe for its own good.

The numbers suggest the Tea Party is rapidly sliding back into fringe status — yet its disproportionate influence over the political conversation is as strong as ever. It’s yet another way that the Congressional debate is way to the right of public opinion.

Convergence of Relevant Stuff Supports Tim Tebow

All the hating on Tim Tebow is mean spirited, simply because in my opinion he is a Christian, loves  Jesus Christ and lives his life accordingly.  We live in a fallen world and the world will not embrace that.

1 John: 4:4- You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.

Here’s an article expressing support from Lebron James from USA today.

The Broncos’ Tim Tebow had a simple response to ESPN’s Merril Hoge, who was critical of the second-year QB on Wednesday.

Tebow broke a nine-day Twitter hiatus to say: “Hey Merrill…… ‘ppreciate that”

By Ron Chenoy, US Presswire

Later, the oft-criticized LeBron James chimed in and fired back at Hoge.

“Guys get on that TV and act like they was all WORLD when they played,” he said. “How bout encouraging him and wishing him the best instead of hating!!”

Both athletes were responding to Hoge’s words on Twitter and television Wednesday after the ESPN analyst studied game tape from last season. Hoge tweeted and reiterated on SportsCenter that Tebow’s accuracy hasn’t improved, and his throwing motion is still as bad as it was when he was a Heisman Trophy winner at Florida.

In a series of tweets, Hoge wrote:

“It’s embarrassing to think the Broncos could win with Tebow!! …That throwing motion he changed? You can’t change who you are!… College credentials do not transfer to NFL, rah-rah speeches do not work! You must possess a skill set to play! Tebow struggles with accuracy!”

Appearing on SportsCenter, the eight-year NFL veteran added:

“He is awful as far as accuracy goes and what’s kind of even more disturbing, he’s probably worse moving and running around with the football and throwing than he is from the pocket. Can you get better there? A little bit. If everything is perfect, the pocket, your feet are good, all your fundamentals come into place, the coverage is what you want it, you can be successful. But that doesn’t happen at the National Football League. Rarely does that happen.”


All of this comes on the day that ESPN and NFL Network reported that the Broncos QB job was Kyle Orton‘s, despite rumors that the veteran would be dealt to make way for the popular Tebow.

But don’t tell James that Tebow won’t make it.

“Tim Tebow will succeed in the NFL,” James tweeted. “He’s a hard worker, a student of the game, a natural born leader and most of all a WINNER! It takes time and he’ll be nice.”