Rodman Is One Of the Best Defenders And Rebounder in NBA History

Dennis Rodman is in a word a troubled soul, but he is one great basketball player and deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.  You can frown on his antics, his lifestyle, and his misguided life, but no one can deny that this was a man who dominated basketball by rebounding and out hustling his opponent. That is why he is in the Hall of Fame.  He won three championships with the Chicago Bulls.

Rodman joined the Chicago Bulls in 1997.  Rodman knew his role and he always delivered despite his bazaar antics on the court and off.  Why he felt the need to be  flamboyant we will leave that for a therapist to figure out. But no one that knows basketball needs a therapist to know this, Dennis Rodman is one of  the best defensive players, hustlers, and rebounders in NBA history.