Obama Is Not As Far Left As You Think

Published this article on one  of my blogs during the primary season in March. Obama’s Centrist ideology is  coming to fruition.

What’s up with Sean Hannity and the Fox network?  He is hard at work as a republican operative, trying his darnedest to bring down Obama. He’s working overtime at this and he is recruiting some very unlikely allies like Hillary Clinton for one, who seems to be keeping strange company to say the least, with republicans, no less. But this is standard operating procedure with the Clintons. Bill was outstanding at giving lip service to the left, but exposing through his actions, NAFTA not withstanding, republican platforms, that certainly appease the right. Hillary comes from the conservative middle of the road Democratic linage, the safe lane in American politics.

So Clinton will appeal to this segment, largely because it is safe, it is secure. Barack Obama is not far behind. He’s not at all the liberal that many Democrats and many Republicans seem to think he is. There’s  not much on Obama, because it is by design. When it came time for Obama to vote on legislative issues in the Senate, he was conveniently absence. So he has learned to play the political lane, and he has played it well. It was no coincidence that Obama failed to show up at the 40th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s assassination. Too much political fall out would occur. Remember Obama, knows he must have crossover appeal, so he will do nothing that will give the impression that he has far left leanings.

The point is, if any one thinks Obama, is too far to the left, think again, do your research; his voting record in the Senate, it will shed light on his cautionary nature, before he does anything. This says that he is quite adept at sizing up the political landscape before he acts and that he will choose middle ground more often than not, but when he makes a decision he will make it with decisiveness.

No one need worry about Reverend Wright’s influence on Barack Obama, he much too controversial for the senator, It does not fit his nature to follow such a man. So when people like Sean Hannity bring up things like Obama’s association with Reverend Wright, or Obama’s participation in the Million Man March, all of these things were part of a larger issue of Obama, struggling with his own identity. He had to find himself, before he could define himself, so it was a necessary journey. It’s a complicated notion and cannot be summed up in the short sentence: “ Obama is a leftist.” He’s not, he will in the end become a centrist democrat, who will make thoughtful, and well thought out decisions during his time in the Oval Office.