Possible Vote Tampering In Wisconsin

Vote tampering in Wisconsin. It is very real, Shades of Florida’s hanging chad voting strips? Apparently this happened before in Wisconsin and it happened again tonight.  Democratic officials are calling for an investigation.

However, Democrats in Wisconsin are bringing it home tonight, by winning two seats controlled by entrenched Republicans.   President Obama needs to take a page from the defiant and fighting Wisconsin’s, who refused to accept, Governor Scott Walker’s  union busting tactics and actually took back control of the Wisconsin State Senate.  At risk
were Medicare, Medicaid, collective bargaining all are big
issues. It is a recall vote, that is well funded, Intense
and on point. The Democrats took it to the Republican  agenda and sent a message across the country.

Take on the Republicans head on, confront them, don’t compromise (hint -President Obama), and stand up for Democrat principals and Fight!