Scott Walker’s Policies Close to Defeat In Wisconsin Recall Election

I write this before the first returns are broadcast on MSNBC.  The Wisconsin State Senate Recall Elections are on and Democrats are betting that a win of 5 seats will turn the state senate back to Democratic hands.  It is literally Wisconsin’s Gettysburg.  It is a bold move that will shape the tone and the character of congressional, senate, and presidential races in the next year and a half.  This is not something that is normally done. But we will learn so much about the electoral process tonight.

We will perhaps finally be able to say, that the Tea Partiers, Republicans have done more that overstepped their boundaries, but have misjudged the wants and wishes of the majority of the American people. My guess is that because we are being led by Barack Obama, a cerebral President that prides himself on compromise, Democrats have nothing really to get excited about after Obama dialed up the excitement bar 100% during his winning election run for President of the United States only to dial down his performance in the White House.

It took an election to recall the state senators who passed the Mad Scientist, Governor  Scott Walker’s plan to destroy the labor unions in Wisconsin.