NFL Hall of Fame-Deion Sanders, Shannon Sharpe and Marshall Faulk, All Had Moving Acceptance Speeches

The Hall of Fame induction ceremony was in a word riveting. The stories that Shannon Sharpe, Marshall Faulk, and Prime Time Deion Sanders shared with us, were memorable and outstanding. Deion talked about why he felt it necessary to create his persona, Prime Time, so that He could take care of his family, so he could more specifically take care of his mother.

Shannon Sharpe story was equally riveting regarding why he had to make it in order to support his grandmother and everything he did, he did it for her and he did not expect anything from her. Everything we has fans see, we really
don’t know why athletes act the way they do. We don’t know what drives them. It turns out that they have a burden,
particularly African- Americans to support their families,
because most come from single parent homes. Make no mistake;
it takes a smart and intelligent person to make the Hall of
Fame. Having talent is a given, but intelligence is a
characteristic. Hats off to Deion Sanders, Shannon Sharpe,
and Marshall Faulk.


Governor Rick Perry’s Event Honors the Lord

I tuned into the internet stream of Governor Rick Perry’s Event and I can honestly say that it was not political, but spiritual, giving honor and glory to the Lord and our Savior Jesus Christ. It’s about living for the purpose of Almighty God.

The event was an opportunity to give praise and honor to the Lord.  I am not a Republican by any means, but I am drawn to the message of giving praise, honor and glory to the Lord.  Any mean-spirited, judgmental exercise is not appropriate, God would not condone such behavior.

Jesus addressed this issue of Prideful Judgement behavior by saying these words in Matthew 7: 5- You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

Speakers emphasized  we much get our own house in order, rather than point fingers at others. If all of us did this, we would find that  the world would live morally and walk in the light of Lord.  All of us have fallen short of the glory of the Lord. But we must take a stand for the Lord God Almighty.

We must stand up for Jesus, in the face of attacks from everyone. His name is precious and His name is wonderful and He can do the same for your life.

You tried everything else in the evil world, why not try Him?  Almighty God is all inclusive and includes everyone on this earth.

Your home is with the Lord, confess your sins ask, Jesus to come into your life  right here right now and come back home to Him today.  Nothing in this world can give you the peace of mind that you’ll experience by doing this….  don’t trust me, trust the Lord Today.

Tea Party Loses Support

The Tea Party continues to lose support and for good reason.  They are some of the most unreasonable idiots ever to come on the political scene. How the Republicans let the Tea party hijack their party is beyond  me.  The country is in shambles, simply because no one in Washington wants to work with President  Obama.  They are giving him a hard time about everything simply because he is black, yet if you ask Obama if this is true he will deny it.
He will say it because of some obscure notion or reason, but no way is it because of racism.  Yes, this country has come a long way, in terms of race relations  and  America’s youth generations those  39 and younger can  be proud in that regard.  Until we can get rid of those who influence the direction of this country who are  50 and above, we will continue to see racism raise its  ugly head in America. And Obama will have to endure racist nonsense for the rest of his tenure in the White House.
Here’s  a great article on the  idiots  in the Tea Party from the Washington Post.
From the Washington Post

If there’s one thing the debt ceiling battle revealed, it’s that the Tea Party continues to enjoy outsized influence in Washington in general and over the GOP in particular.

So it’s interesting to note that according to the internals of today’s New York Times poll, the Tea Party is rapidly shrinking before our very eyes, and is hemorraging supporters at a surprising rate:

Do you consider yourself to be a supporter of the Tea Party movement, or not?

Yes 18

No 73

The 18 percent who self-identify as Tea Party supporters is at its lowest point, tying the 18 percent who supported it way back in April of 2010, when it was first gaining steam as the Congressional races of last cycle began heating up. The trajectory is interesting: The Times poll shows the Tea Party has had some ups and downs, but it steadily gained supporters as the 2010 campaigns wore on, and peaked with 31 percent of the electorate saying they supported the movement at around the time that the GOP won its massive 2010 victory.

Then its support began to decline, and it then dropped a precipitous eight points from June until today — a period that roughly coincided with the debt ceiling debate, which showcased Tea Party intransigence and self-delusion at its finest. Not only that, but right now, the 73 percent who say they are not supporters is at its highest point ever.

What’s more, as Steve Benen notes, the numbers who disaprove of the Tea Party and who think it has too much influence over the GOP are running as high as ever.

Interestingly, the Tea Party is declining in public support even as its influence in Washington has, if anything, peaked. Even if Tea Partyers didn’t get everything they wanted from the debt deal, Tea Party members of Congress yanked the debate way to the right and continue to receive media coverage that’s surprisingly respectful given that many of them were willing to allow the nation to slide into economic catastrophe for its own good.

The numbers suggest the Tea Party is rapidly sliding back into fringe status — yet its disproportionate influence over the political conversation is as strong as ever. It’s yet another way that the Congressional debate is way to the right of public opinion.