Is Obama Being Played By Republicans?

It’s  like Obama is in school again. He wants to be part of the  what he perceives as the “in crowd”, in this case the Republicans, who have never been his friends, and never will be.  The Republicans know this, so they have a game plan to literally “play” Obama and leave him standing  at the door knocking at the next ball.  The trouble is no one will answer the door.  He’s been played.

The President set himself up for this by “playing” his true constituents, Progressive Democrats who elected him.  Now it is a 50/50 chance that Obama will be challenged in the Democratic primary.  That is the ultimate insult for an incumbent President, witness Jimmy Carter in 1980.  It’s a shame it came to this.  If Obama is perceptive, he will use time as his ally move back to his base before it is too late.