Report: NFL Lock Out Over Vote On Monday

The NFL’s 130-day labor dispute is set to end after an agreement on the remaining points for a 10-year deal was reached. Sources say the NFL Players Association’s executive committee plans to vote on a collective bargaining agreement Monday, followed by votes from player representatives and eventually players league-wide. The timeline, according to an source: • Monday: NFLPA’s executive committee votes whether to recommend approval of the CBA approved by owners on Thursday. Then, a player rep from each of the 32 teams votes whether to recommend approval of the CBA. • Wednesday: Players from some teams report to facilities and vote whether to recertify the NFLPA as a union and accept the proposed CBA. If the NFLPA has gotten the necessary votes, teams can also start contract talks with their own players, including free agents and draft choices. • Friday: The remaining players report and vote whether to approve recertification and the CBA. If the NFLPA then receives the necessary 50-percent-plus-one-vote majority in approval, then it recertifies as a union. • Saturday: Free agency starts and teams can officially sign players.