The Last Time I Checked LeBron James Is An American

Don’t get me wrong, I think some remarks that LeBron James made were not well thought out. But give me a break, LeBron James is not anyone’s property. The last time I checked, I don’t recall seeing LeBron picking cotton in a cotton field. I did not see him driving a black limousine with Mrs. Daisy in the back seat.

The last time I checked LeBron James still lived in America and by the way in this country free speech is at a surplus, but  apparently only if you shy away from talking about Dirk.  Somehow it seems  LeBron really will be banished to pick cotton for the rest of his life. Oh that’s  right LeBron committed the crime of  talking way too much.

There can be no mistrial, he’s banished to the 1930’s for crimes against Dirk.  He’s banished to the fields to pick cotton and not allowed to set foot into the big house. Just because he opened his mouth against Dirk. It is kind of ironic that LeBron James is being treated like a foreigner when he is in fact a native born American. Dirk’s from Germany right?

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