Gil Scott Heron Dies at 62

Gil- Scott Heron was the human anthem of social- political change and awareness in the 70’s. Learning of his death brought back memories of a poems that  personify awareness during an otherwise apathetic  decade of live and let live- the seventies.

Gil-Scott Heron touched many lives with his commentary on real events that affected the African-American community.  He was a lone dissenting voice that through his musical poetry touched and inspired African- Americans   on college campuses all across the nation.

Scott-Heron was the voice that spoke  for the largely silent voice in the African- American Community. It was as if his megaphone of poetry, stood in replacement of silent, less committed African Americans. Gill Scott Heron will go down as one of the great African- American poets who influenced social change is an otherwise passive  decade.

Gill Scot Herons most memorable  works

The Revolution Will Not be Televised

The Bottle


Home is Where  The Hatred  Is

It’s Your World