Rick Carlisle Says Dirk Nowitzki Is the Best Player Of All Time

Miami Heat showed their resolve by winning the Eastern Conference championship. Now they will face the ultimate challenge against the Dallas Mavericks.    Dirk Nowitzki will now prove that he is one of the top 10 NBA players of all time.  This  declaration was made by his coach Rick Carlisle.

How could anyone makes such a dumb statement?  Carlisle did not stop here, he said that  Larry Bird was not as good as Dirk Nowitzki and the only reason that Bird was a good as he was because of the player around him on the Celtics.

Come on. Carlisle, must have a hang over to say Nowitzki is better that Larry Bird. In reality Nowitzki could be perhaps  the top 100th player of all time.  To say that Larry Bird was not as good as Dirk Nowitzki is ludicrous.