Obama Felt Compelled, Forced, to Show Birth Certificate, Trump Takes the Credit

President Obama is great at compromising, witness Obama showed his birth certificate.  He felt compelled to do so by the rant of  Mr. Toupee, “The Donald” Trump. Obama held a news conference  to show a full copy of his birth certificate and Trump held a news conference; and had a “whose your daddy moment”, while taking credit for forcing Obama to produce his birth certificate.  Who cried uncle first, President Obama?

Now everyone will think he is weak and will not stand up for principals or his stated values.  He was basically called out by Donald Trump.  Any sane man would have told Trump where to take his request and his toupee. Now it is too late for Obama to go back, every no name, insignificant idiot  will feel they can push President Obama into a corner and he will cave.

It is a shame that  it’s come to this. The nation’s first African-American president is  being questioned, called out, and outright disrespected by nearly everyone. It gives one room for pause when this has never happened to any other president. Just saying.