Donald Trump You’re Fired!

What’s up with Donald Trump and who gave him the idea that he could be President of the United States of America?  Perhaps President Obama inspired him.  The theory is if  Obama, can  become the nation’s first black President, how can the brilliant Mr Trump not be elected?  It happened before, a celebrity or actor becoming President of the United States,  Ronald Reagan broke that mode.

So Trump has lots of motivation to try to become President.  Its a noble goal and Trump certainly has the money.  But Trump lacks the most important thing, a  sure fire strategy. The best he can think of  is President Obama needs to produce a birth certificate.  That will not get him elected.    And we thought Donald Trump was a smooth businessman.

He is good at firing people every Sunday night, but somehow, I don’t think he qualified to be President or to hold a candle to President Obama.  When all is said and done let it be known that Donald Trump is out of  his league.