Stevens Takes Butler Bulldogs to Second Consecutive Final Four

Brad Stevens  has turned the College Basketball world upside down, with outstanding coaching. For the second year he has taken the Butler Bulldogs to the final four. He has done it by using a formula for success that very few college coaches employ,  some call it  brilliance. I call it coaching outside the lines of applied rules.

He recruits unorthodox, even awkward looking players, players that other colleges would never recruit.  But more than this, Stevens players truly reflect his vision on the court. Perhaps because they would never play for any of the bigger schools, more powerful school.  More likely these are high achieving underdog players who were built in the same mode as Brad Stevens.

That is what coaching in all about, having your vision  implemented by every player on the floor. Stevens does that better than any other coach.  If there is truly a coach of the Year; Brad Stevens  is my nominee.