The Odyssey of Ricky Williams

ESPN reported the following on 30 for 30 segment.

The  Ricky Williams story is one for the ages. Let’s face it, he did not or has not reached his  potential.  He walked away from football, to heal a damaged body and to heal his mind.  Ricky  Williams reportedly thought his life calling was not football, but rather healing people. So he set out finding a way to do just that.

Ricky followed the beat of a different drummer. Perhaps because of a fragile mind, some say troubled, other say they simply don’t know.  He was a chameleon of sorts, taking the path of a different drummer throughout his life. His mom says that he  is creating a continual generational problem that he is exhibiting with his own children of growing up without a father. She think it is a generational problem.  We definitely cannot judge Ricky Williams, we can only ask  questions about why he played football or why he left the game, then returned and  left again. He was left to deal with his upbringing.

Various other problems in the family are alleged to have happened. No one knows the truth or validity of the the things that have been in the media.  The Ricky Williams story is a strange and frankly baffling story. No one know what happened and perhaps  we will never know.

But one thing we know this was one good football player, a punishing runner, perhaps with a void in his life, says football legend, Jim Brown.  Ricky returned once again to play for the Miami Dolphins.  He continued to try to find himself through yoga. He still remains a dominating talent, an intellectual talent, and quite reflective.

The story probably is not over……..stay tuned.