Something to Ponder

All to often we fail to take away valuable lessons  that life’s circumstances  offer. We are too bent on seeing the storm and not the rainbow that awaits you  even in life’s  most difficult storms.


We Will See Legislative Stagnation in Congress And The Senate For the Next Two Years

2011 promises to bring still more pressing  governmental issues, ranging from the budget deficits too much debate about the direction that the  country is headed. There will be more  block and tackle techniques used to tackle legislation and the Republican led congress is set to stymie any legislation put forth by  Democrats.

President Obama is poised to  work toward bipartisan legislation, but many critics see this as a flawed strategy.  These are  key times when the country is trying  desperately to pull itself out of increasingly gloom economic times. The prognosis appears to be more of the same stagnation that we have faced.