What Now For President Obama?

President Obama appears to  be reflective and subdued. He should be. After missteps and an abundance of bad personnel decisions related to who Obama chose to have around him in the White House, during the first two years of his term, Obama miscalculated  the ability of his inner circle to accurately gauge the economic, lifestyle, and personal security needs of those who supported him.

Obama  relied on instincts that have guided him throughout his life; that is what we all do.  Obama equipped with a need to not offend and avoid  confrontation, proved ill  prepared ‘or unable to make the tough choices that would offend some and infuriate others.  He simply lacked that character trait.

One cannot say that Obama is not a likable person, but we can  say with conviction that he lacks courage to lead.

Does  he have the courage to stand up for what we who supported him expect him to do? Ultimately it is us. His supporters who;

  • Lost  jobs
  • Saw our pensions and 401 k’s disappear
  • Lost our ability to retrain and to retool  for  another career because we are too old
  • Lost retirement insurance because it went up over 280% in 2009
  • Saw layoffs
  • Multiple cancer diagnosis
  • Saw love ones  fight cancer and have to fund it with their own health care coverage, with no help from the government.

Many of our children owe over 100,000 in student loans, because we all seek not just the  American dream, but merely a chance to feed our families and the ability to put a roof over their head.

We had to face all of this without the government’s help. We worry about the future and our kids future, but almighty God did not promise us a future so we can think about ourselves and our families only.

No,  He told us through His  Son to take care of our brothers and sisters; Republicans, Democrats, Tea Party Activist, Liberals,  and  Conservatives. It does not matter. We should not lead driven by greed.  We should lead  based on compassion for our  fellow-man and women. That  indeed appears to be a novel idea.