This Election Will Not Change a Thing

We American’s are a waffling bunch. At many points in the past we have had the American people polled to favor less Government. Still in some years the American people have been polled to favor more government involvement.  Still more; we have had more American people polled to  to favor a third party. We change our minds like we change shoes. Literally daily.  To the point that we really do not know what we want or when we want it.

We are impatient and think that change will occur overnight.  Nothing changes overnight. Everything requires change. Everything requires preparation. Nearly everything requires thought and sometimes agreement. So if the balance of power shifts to any party during the midterm elections. It want matter, because nothing will change quickly and during the next election the pendulum will swing because the party in power will not be able to get anything done and the voters will vote them out.

In the meantime America will continue to suffer.