America Mourns The Death Of Ted Kennedy

The death of Senator Teddy Kennedy was not a surprise. Many of us knew he had an uphill battle to fight against a very aggressive brain tumor. The passing of Ted Kennedy has brought on much reflection not just about Ted Kennedy, but about the family of service; the Kennedy’s.  This family faced many tragedies, more than many of us could ever dream to confront.  The Kennedy’s are survivors and no matter what you think of  their politics, no one can deny the flair and the resolve that the  three brothers, John, Robert, and Teddy showed during the latter half of the twentieth century.

Ted and his brothers were not perfect, but that is certainly human nature. Yet all three brothers managed to  leave a mark on society like no other family in the history of American politics.  Ted Kennedy is said to be the most liberal of the three brothers, with Robert running a close second. President John Kennedy was more of a conservative, despite popular opinion to the contrary.

Ted Kennedy was an expert of  compromise n the Senate. Despite his politics, Ted Kennedy had gift in finding common ground with Republicans. So many Republicans have come forward to talk about Kennedy’s  capacity to bring Democrats and Republicans together in order to get bills passed.  This  was Ted Kennedy’s legacy.  The Kennedy family has given an incredible gift to the American people. Let’s not forget their legacy and their service to America.  Let’s not forget Senator Ted Kennedy.


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