Brett Favre Is Back, A Viking No Less! In the Packer’s Division!

Brett Favre is bBrett Favreack! Last year it seemingly was in a land far, far  away with the New York Jets, Not  in the Packers back yard and I might add, lots of folks are steaming mad.  Primarily the Green Bay Packers.  Will the Packer have motivation…Yes. Will Brett Farve have motivation….Yes, Yes!  It will make good reality football and lots of entertainment.  Suddenly the  spotlight has shifted from Michael Vick to Brett Farve.  The NFL ratings will be up this year.

The two quarter back the Viking have  are terrible.  So a 40 year old Brett Favre is not quite a bad idea of the Viking. So you have mad people in Minnesota, namely the two quarterbacks competing for starting jobs and you have  mad Green Bay Packer, primarily because  Brett Favre is back in the same division with them.  It really makes for some interesting drama. The Michale Vick story will  move a few slots down, probably to the relief of the Philadelphia Eagles and Vick. Everyone will be talking about Brett Favre’s return for the remainder of the year.

The only question that remains is whether Vick  has enough in the tank to make an impact this year. Only time will tell.Let’ sit back and enjoy the show


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