Pitino Needs To leave Louisville- He Is A Distraction

I have been a Louisville Cardinal basketball fan  since 1967. The Days of  Wes Unseld, Butch Beard, Mike Grosso and a host of others.  I followed the Cards when Denny Crum took them from a good  mid major program to a National power winning National Championships in 1980 and 1986.  I was there as a fan when  the Cards struggled in the 90’s and saw the Rick Pitino led Kentucky Wildcats make their mark and winning a National Championship.

They were led by the ego driven opportunist Rick Pitino.  Pitino hung the moon in Kentucky and then he hoodwinked the  Boston Celtics  who paid him millions of dollars to destroy the team.   Perhaps Pitino was a little too  fast for the slow lifestyle of Kentucky, but not fast enough for the Celtics who sent him packing.

Fast Forward to 2009, Pitno is in one of the most difficult situation in his most ambitious coaching career.  The gist of the story is Pitino had a brief relationship with the woman. Pitino said she was trying to blackmail him. Now the woman is on trial and all sorts of embarrassing information is surfacing. To me it is an embarrassment to the University of Louisville and a tribute to Denny Crum, who was literally  forced out as head Coach  so King Rick could come back to Kentucky after he   literally dismantled a dynasty, the Boston Celtics.

It is time for Pitino to leave and the Athletic Director should follow him out of the door. It is embarrassing to the University and the basketball program is suffering. But Louisville is being Louisville by standing by anyone who wins. The city is a basketball haven and  they love Rick Pitino. It is a shame that this man can continue to  con the entire universe and make you think you were wrong. But that’s what got him where he is today. There lies the problem and why Pitino is  in the news nearly everywhere…….Bring back Denny Crum or anyone at this point, anyone but Rick Pitino!


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