Rush Limbaugh Is Not Very Inclusive

Ok. It is time to at least pose the question. I believe I have the answer. But I want to ask the question.  You see   some people how a way of showing their true colors. It comes out.  You know the type, they always complain about the same people. They never have anything good to say.  They sometimes hide behind the cloak, of ” I am just reporting the news”. Or how about this: ” I will say what I everyone else is afraid to say”. They are banking on a huge army of people suddenly emerging to validate a viewpoint.

Usually these people are very narrow minded. They have not taken the time to be inclusive, understanding, or even any semblance of trying.  They don’t care, because in their mind the world is behind them and their message. No one else truly matters.  They are usually my way or the highway personalities. So it’s time to ask the question ……….What is Rush Limbaugh problem? I don’t know the man. But he seems to feel really good about putting down President Obama. Time and time again. Why!

He never put down President Bush. But he always goes out of his way to put down the current President of the United States. The leader of our country and the free world. Where is the respect? By the  way, President Obama happens to be the first African American President of the United States. Perhaps Rush Limbaugh can’t bring himself to like that and it is showing.  So he attempts to rally like thinking individuals who cheer him on. But how can you cheer on someone who appears to dislike President Obama?  Maybe you don’t like the President’s policies, or his politics, but do not become mean spirited enough that it crosses a line and causes the public to wonder…….. What is Rush Limbaugh’s motive, what his problem?  Can’t he be accepting of all people and all races?

It is time for Americans to hold Limbaugh accountable for his words and his actions. He should show some repect to the President.   No Rush, the President will not debate you.  Why should he?  He  won the election, it is over. No one cares what you think.

President Obama is the Leader of the free world. You are merely a talk show host. The last time I checked, that occupation does not rate very high on the list of most influential people.


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