Network To Help Each Other In Job Search

If you lost your job, and today we learned that there are 3.6 million Americans who have lost their jobs, then join the club. It is growing daily. Now is the time for congress to act and pass the stimulus package. How many resumes have you sent out?  Day after day, people are sending out resumes, knocking on doors. The trouble is each day job seekers are forced to compete with another 500,000 workers who are doing the same thing…… knocking on doors.

I want to hear your story, perhaps we can network with other right here are this blog. Recruiters take not everyone needs a job. This is a totally bad economy. There are 3.5 million people who need to find a way to provide income for their families.

Lets do something ourselves. If you have networking suggestions. If you know suggestions on how to go about finding a job. I would like to hear from you. I will do my part by providing more suggestions to those of us who are struggling right now to find work.


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