Republicans Are Holding Up Progress

Republicans continue to be Republicans. You know, same old story, no taxes, less spending. They never care about people who are struggling, who have been laid off, no job. Perhaps Republican don’t know what it means to be laid off. They don’t   know what it means to be in danger of losing their house. They don’t know what it means to be targeted to lose their jobs, because they can always go to somewhere else and get another job.

The America people have spoken. They want the stimulus plan. Republicans as usual stand in the way of progress.  Republicans got us into this mess, now they are holding up progress.


2 thoughts on “Republicans Are Holding Up Progress”

  1. They are doing EXACTLY what Thatcher offered to stimulate the economy of the early 1980s over here; leave those who struggle to struggle even more, whilst helping her friends with expensive suits.
    The result? The biggest rate of unemployment we’ve ever had, 60% of Liverpool’s workforce unemployed, mines closed immediately to save money whilst those miners were not offered compensation or retrained, and the largest homeless rate we’ve ever seen.
    It doesn’t work!!!

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