President Obama, VP Biden, and Secretary of State Clinton, Outlined The Role of Special Envoys

Hillary Clinton met with her State Department Staff today. She also officiated over the roll out of two special envoys, Richard Holbrooke, Special Envoy To Pakistan and Afghanistan, and Former Senator George Mitchell, Special Envoy to the Middle East.  This is a different organizational structure, but one that creates an hands on yet focused approach as to how to deal with the Middle East and Pakistan/Afghanistan situation.  It is clearly a unique arrangement and one that will put both men in creating a more comprehensive policy  in both troubled regions.

President Barack Obama met with the  the State Department Staff as well.   President Obama signed three executive order saying the United States will not torture, close the Gitmo camp and deal with the issue of terrorism.  President Obama promised that we will not waver in our protection; our defense, but we will all use all elements of America power to  bring forth ideas to face and destroy these challenges.  President Obama promised to seek a lasting peace in the Middles East.


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