Tennessee Runs Off Another Coach and Hires Lane Kiffin

I can’t say I know an awfully lot about Lane Kiffin. But I do know two things. He is the new coach at Tennessee and he will earn over $2 million dollars a year at Tennessee.  He has somewhat of a name value for a school that  has sought mightily to be a National Power.  I can’t say they have really obtained that lofty status that just about  every other school in the south seeks.  One could hardly classify Tennessee as  a championship factory. They  have only won two championships and they were years apart.  How about 47 years, 1951 and 1998?

So it only stands to reason that they will follow that pattern. It has been 10 years now since they last won a National Championship in college football. Yet they have been known to  fire coaches for not producing and have even sent moving vans to speed up the departure of a failing coach.

I don’t see Lane Kiffin working wonders at Tennessee,  a school that has a long history of hiring in-house people with Tennessee Volunteer connections.  Their last two coaches  grew up in the program, Johnny Majors and Phillip Fulmer. Fulmer spent much of his time throwing Johnny Majors under the bus to get his job.  But that’s politics in Tennessee. By the way Kiffin is only 33 years old.

Kiffin does not bring much to the table other than a few years of “Just lose baby” instead of “Just win baby” for Oakland’s  Al Davis.  Eventually he was fired as the Raiders head coach after going 5-15. Kiffin claim to fame is being a glorified offensive coordinator for the USC Trojans, but colleges have a habit of  throwing large sums of taxpayer money around; so as in Tennessee’s case, they can find someone to beat Alabama. Believe me it will not be Kiffin.


One thought on “Tennessee Runs Off Another Coach and Hires Lane Kiffin”

  1. I am not sure where you have gotten your info regarding Tennessee, but it is not very good. UT has had 2 coaches in the last 31 years. We generally don’t run off coaches. Up until about 2002, we were as big a National power as any other school. Through the 90s and into the early 2000s we were one of the winningest programs of the past 10 years. So….. National power reached. Fulmer allowed the program to begin slipping in 02 and never brought it back to prominence, hence his “retirement”. UT actually has 6 recognized National Championships 1938, 1940, 1950, 1951, 1967, 1998. I hardly think giving Johnny Majors 14 years and Fulmer 17 years to win Championships makes Tennessee known for running off unproductive coaches. That would be Alabama in the SEC. Everyone has to start somewhere right?

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