Dumars Trades for Allen Iversion;Move Will Help Pistons

Allen Iversion

Allen Iverson trade is a strategic one for Piston’s General Manager Job Dumars, who knows a little bit about winning. Dumar s brought in Iverson and combined him with Rip Hamilton, which gives them a potent two guard set with Iverson being a great duo purpose guard who is at home playing the point and scoring as well. It gives the Piston another option in the backcourt and increases the overall scoring capabilities.

Chauncey Billups handled the point effectively, however the Piston’s offense was slow and methodical, which nullified any backcourt threat that the Piston may have had. With Billups at the point the Pistons had a slow methodical offense that did not suit the talent that the Pistons brought to the table. Iverson increases the tempo and the flow, freeing up scorers like Rasheed Wallace ,Tayshaun Prince, and Rip Hamilton, all three thrive in an up tempo offense.


One thought on “Dumars Trades for Allen Iversion;Move Will Help Pistons”

  1. Not only will it shake things up in Detroit for this year, but it frees up a lot of salary cap room this offseason. Plus, Sheed can opt out, which will free up even more room. Detroit could spend part of the money this offseason to get a good free agent, and spend the remainder the year after to try and get LeBron in the 2010 offseason. I think LeBron would seriously consider Detroit because of their winning ways.

    Plus, Iverson gives Detroit that go-to scorer they’ve always missed. Supposedly that was a good thing because you never knew who to stop. Dumars realized that this philosophy might have been good enough to win a couple of playoff series, but to win a championship, they are going to need more firepower and AI definitely provides that.

    Either way, nice move by Dumars and a gutsy move you really don’t see in the NBA any more. Denver got a leader in Billups, but I think short and long term, Detroit wins this one.

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