Obama Closes- While McCain-Palin Continue To Feud

The Democrats look for the race to tighten up in the last few days of the campaign. Florida is a battle ground state. Governor Charlie Crist has extended early voting hours, so most polls will be open for twelve hours. The Obama campaign is a well oil machine and well organized. Obama is out spending McCain 4 to 1. Tonight Barack Obama will buy time on many Television stations nationwide. This is an unprecedented move for any candidate and has never been done in history. It is an half hour ad. His last closing argument to the nation.

This is the latest in the many twist and turns of the Obama- McCain battle for the White House. Sarah Palin continues to build an audience for what many seem to think is a move to be the presidential candidate in 2012. Palin has decided she would take advantage of her stage despite McCain’s slip in the polls. A top unnamed McCain advisor called her a “wack job”. Yet no one is blaming John McCain for choosing her. There is no criticism of McCain for choosing her. McCain is the the main culprit for choosing Palin as his running mate.

This is not a good scenario for the Republicans. The way John McCain has managed his campaign leaves much to be desired. If this foreshadows how he will manage a McCain administration, we are in deep trouble.


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