The McCain-Palin Campaign In In Shambles

How do you define Sarah Palin? Is she a “Diva”. Is she a “Rogue” candidate? Is she out for herself? Could it be all of the above? There is absolute confusion in the the McCain House. He has lost total control of his kingdom and the main culprit wreaking havoc on the McCain Castle is, you guessed it, Sarah Palin, an invited guest no less. John McCain should take more time in preparing his guest list. Perhaps give the guest list a good once over before inviting your guest to your home.

Now McCain looks a little lost and disgusted whenever he’s on stage with Sarah Palin. Suppose the McCain-Palin ticket wins? What will John McCain do then with his loose cannon? Can you imagine how Palin will deviate from policy when visiting foreign dignitaries? Would she be on message or off message. The way things stand now, she certainly would be off the official message and more on her own agenda.

The McCain-Palin campaign is a disaster. This could be a complete and utter catastrophe for the Republicans, who stand to lose majorities in the Senate and in Congress and the Democrat achieve a filibusterer proof majority. George Bush has done so bad that no mater what, the electorate are blaming all Republicans for being another version of George Bush.