Trouble In The McCain-Palin Camp

There trouble in the McCain camp with Sarah Palin. Aids are now saying that she is unprepared on the issues. They have all along been fearful of turning Palin loose for fear of what she would say. As any hiring manager knows you meticulously research your job candidate. You do a background check, checking everything. You get a feel for what the person has done in the way of former employment. In the interview process you look for all you can for telling comments or information.

If you can detect of trend in behavior from the past, you note it and follow up on it. The best predictor of the future is what a person has done in the past. So Sarah Palin’s flaws were staring John McCain in the face. Why did he not question the fact that she attended five colleges. Why did she enter a beauty contest? All these things would speak to the character of the person. I’m sure McCain knew about Trooper gate. If he did not it proves that he is incompetent. If He did; it proves that he is even more incompetent.

The point is McCain staffer are beside themselves because Sarah Palin has started to improvise on her own. She has taken on the role of ” Loose Cannon”. McCain would have known this if he had hired smart. He did not. He only has himself to blame.


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