Pat Buchanan’s Uncalled For Attack On Colin Powell

Pat Buchanan has some very interesting comments in a segment on MSNBC Sunday afternoon with Chris Matthews. Buchanan felt that Colin Powell had sold out the Republican party by supporting Barack Obama. He eluded to a number of things saying that other generals were more qualified to be the Joint Chief of Staff, but were passed over to give the position to Powell. He felt that that Powell was not loyal to the party and had a hidden agenda. His own agenda.

This was a highly offensive assault on Colin Powell, by Buchanan, and was uncalled for. Certainly Colin Powell has a right to his opinions and does not need to get permission from anyone to voice his opinion or to get permission from conservative Republicans, before he decides to speak out on issues. Buchanan also said that Colin Powell supported Barack Obama, simply because both are black. Powell said during his announcement of his endorsement of Obama, that even though both are black, he made a conscious efforts to study both John McCain and Barack Obama, before making a decision on who he would endorse for the office of the Presidency, primarily because he knew that the issues of a black endorsing another black would come up.

Powell eloquently explained the thought process that he used in arriving at his decision and came up with a thoughtful, carefully crafted statement of why he decided to support Barack Obama. Yet Pat Buchanan could not accept this. Buchannan needs to know that we live in a changed America, not in the America that he envisions. . This is a new diverse America, with all types of people and no segment or race within American society has a premium on thoughts, actions , political agenda or patriotism.

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Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama For President

 Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama today. Colin Powell used words like steady, thoughtful, insightful in describing attributes that impressed him about Barack Obama. In contrast he focused on the campaign that John McCain has decided to run and he denounced it. He denounced his focus on William Ayers and expressed concern about the Robo calls that the McCain campaign has conducted in key battleground states calling them demagoguery.


Powell cited the focus of the McCain’s campaign to connect Barack Obama to terrorism. This is not a way to run a campaign. This could be a deal closer for some voters. He is a soothing, calming figure in American Foreign Policy and in American government. It was great timing for Barack Obama. Powell is a great American and a great Military leader. Powell does bring some baggage because of his association with the Bush administration.


Powell was in fact thrown under the bus by George Bush, when given bad and wrong information, when Powell reported that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, which we later found they did not. Powell was left out there to take the hit, because of bad information and staunch agenda from President George Bush .


So Powell had a lot to say in his endorsement of Obama. The fact is this country is changing in it’s diversity, its political ideology and it is also changing along with the world that we live in. With change, we must be willing to not just react to it, but to govern pro actively to take advantage of the the change that we face.


Powell also stated that he did not believe that Sarah Palin was not yet ready to be Commander and Chief. It shows that John McCain did not show good judgment in his selection of Sarah Palin. Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal said that Sarah Palin did not have the knowledge to be the Vice presidential nomination. Now the Republican right is coming to the conclusion that Sarah Palin is not the one for the Job. She has now become a divisive figure.


It remains to be seen, what a Powell endorsement really means, however he is a American Military Icon and has a lot of respect of many people both Republicans and Democrats alike.