McCain’s Violent Temper From People Who Know

Would you want John McCain answering the phone at 3 AM in the morning. How about 10 AM in the Morning? Or maybe 3 PM in the afternoon? The point is you probably would not want him answering the phone at all. He is erratic, has a legendary violent temper and has used it against both men and women. Yet people are seriously considering voting for him.Check out this U-Tube Video from people who have witnessed his violent outburst.


McCain Reluctant to Confront Obama Face To Face

Is McCain scared to face Barack Obama Face to Face and call him a terrorist and unpatriotic? He talked a good talk, but he put Sarah Palin up to be the “Pit Bull” and his wife, no less, Cindy McCain, to carry out the battle against Barack Obama. I call that weak. He had his chance to attack Obama in the debate on Tuesday at Belmont College and he did not take it. Yet here is the war Hero, putting his wife out there to attack, while he want do to it himself. No one is saying that McCain did not show character while serving a a prisoner of war. He was a war hero. But who is John McCain now?

Barack Obama called him out today, questioning why he did not say the things that his surrogates have said on the stump, to his face? It’s a great question. Is McCain, hiding behind Sarah Palin and Cindy McCain? Has the Straight Talk Express, become the ” Quiet Stage Coach? McCain said that no one has every questioned his bravery. Well I believe he’s being called out. Spike Lee, said of McCain contemplating missing the first debate as an out right dodge of a fight. But Lee was a little more blunt than that. He said in my neighborhood, we see someone who runs from a fight as unmainly to put it politely. Joe Biden said today in his neighborhood “if you got something to say to someone, you walk up to him, look him in the eye and say it to his face”

McCain should be willing to confront Obama, since he’s seems to be questioning Obama, character, patriotism and honesty. He can’t even talk the talk or walk the walk.

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Biden Tells McCain To Look Obama in the Eye