Bail Out Passed In Senate

The Senate stood up to the plate and passed the bail out bill. It is a bill that appears to be the right thing to do. It will keep the economy going. Open up credit lines and give America a chance to breathe. So now it time for the Congress to pass this legislation. It is all about credit ratings and the individual consumers ability to get car loans, home loans, and business loans. It is better to be proactive, because in the long run it affects Main Street Americans, who simply want to make a living and make an honest wage.

So not matter what we think about the Bail Out, our country is in crises and we must do something about it. By being proactive and not reactive. By getting out in front of this measure we give ourselves a chance to win as a country. Senator Obama and McCain both were in Washington to come together with other Senators to pass this bill. It is a measure for Main Street, not for Wall street. It unfreezes the credit market and gets America back to work again.

The Senate, both Republicans and Democrats, made it possible for all parties to come together to pass this credit life saving bill. The credit crunch, the instability of the Dow and Wall Street were at stake. The Senate helped restore the confidence and optimism and belief that America can be on it feet again. So we have a chance now and it is time for America to go to work together to bail the country out of this economic mess.


Register to Vote Before The Registration Deadline

I don’t condone the language contained in the u-tube video, but the message is important. Here’ a message that illustrates the importance of everyone getting out to vote. There is nothing stopping you from registering but your own procrastination. The U-tube video includes a link to the internet site that allows you to vote. There is also a Rock The Vote link that give you the deadline to vote in your state. Some one said after you miss the deadline to vote you have taken away from yourself a tremendous amount of power. So if you have not registered look at the video, go to the site and vote. It could be the most important thing you will ever do in the next four years or maybe in your lifetime.

Click this link to get started ……..

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