Both The Cubs and The Sox Are In The Playoffs, First Time In 102 Years

Chicago White Sox Made it to the playoffs. Barack Obama’s favorite baseball team. In the bottom of the 8th Joe Nathan came in for the Twins, to serve as a closer for the Twins, who were due up top of the nInth. Nathan quickly gave up a single base hit to Jermaine Dye. That brought up Jim Thome who hit a lead off home run in the bottom of the seventh inning. Thome had a chance this time to seal the deal with Dye on first in the bottom of the eight, with two out. On the line the White Sox chance to win a spot in the post season, since they captured the World Series in 2005. It was not to be. So the Sox would need to hold serve for the final three outs in the Twins at bat, in the top of the ninth with a one run lead for the Sox.

Set down the Twins in three outs and the Sox are in the post series playoffs. Looming large a possible Chicago World Series; Sox vs the Cubs. The White Sox closer Bobby Jenks entered the picture in the top of the ninth with 29 saves for the year. It was all on Jenks now to close the game. With two out gone Jenks had the Twins down to their last out. Standing room only crowd for the Sox, and all standing. A diving catch and the Sox win and spot to the playoffs by defeating the Twins, 1 to 0. They are the 2008 AL Central League Champions. They will play the Tampa Bay Rays on Thursday. For the first time in 102 years, both Chicago teams, the Cubs and the White Sox are in the playoffs.


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