Republican Presidents Have A History of Overseeing Economic Disaster

Let’s call it what it is. Sleazy Republicans! They know they lie and they tell you to your face that they are liars. Admittedly the lipstick thing is a total fabrication by the Republicans. They are all talk, propaganda, and rhetoric. Republicans are empty suits. They can’t discuss issues because they don’t stand for anything of substance. Ask a Republican what they will do for you and you get generalities. No taxes, less government, etc. They have the same tired message and it is a recipe for disaster.

All one has to do is look at the Republican Presidential administrations since the 1920’s. Calvin Coolidge oversaw  prohibition and gangsters literally hijacking the country. Soon after  his Republican counterpart was elected, Herbert Hoover,  we saw the absolute worst depression in American history.   America was virtually destitute.    It took a Democrat, Franklin Roosevelt, to get America out of the most enormous economic mess this country as ever witnessed.   That makes two failed Republican administrations  prior to Roosevelt. If you count Warren G. Harding; its three.

Enter Franklin Roosevelt a Democrat, who was elected four terms to the office of the Presidency  by the American people.   Roosevelt led America through the Great Depression.   He authored, sponsored, and put through the New Deal, which put American’s back to work.   At a time when Republican Presidents had many Americans jumping out of windows, because of the bad news on Wall Street.  By the way in case you need to be reminded,  the stock market crashed in 1933.

Roosevelt’s legacy still lives, because we still have social security, and Republicans and Democrats alike still benefit from Roosevelt’s creation.  Social Security was designed to give American’s something to fall back on in their retirement years  because they had nothing when Republicans were in office.

Not only that, Roosevelt led America through World War II.  A War  fought on two fronts, when America was ill prepared to fight the war.   Still Roosevelt brought time to build up the military fighting machine and liberated and defeated the Axis Powers, Germany, Italy and Japan.   Due to failing health, Roosevelt died and Harry Truman another Democrat ended the war with Japan by releasing the Atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan.   Japan soon surrendered after suffering untold losses;  220,000 people died as a direct result of those two attacks. Thousand more died from the effects of the only nuclear weapon ever dropped.    It ended the most dreadful war in the history of mankind.

Enter Dwight Eisenhower, Commander of Allied forces in Europe, and orchestrator of D-Day.  Eisenhower oversaw America as it tried to get back to work.  Eisenhower, a republican moderate,  served two terms in the White house.

John Kennedy,  a Democrat, brought style and grace to the White House in the face of turmoil.  The problem of  Viet Nam was inherited by Kennedy from the Eisenhower administration.   After the French abandoned Viet Nam, Kennedy sought to minimize the Communist threat to South Viet Nam, through diplomacy and sponsoring a puppet government. Viet Nam along with the Bay of Pigs were two of Kennedy’s greatest failures.   On the social front Kennedy put in place what would become the two most sweeping laws in history, the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Right Act. Both far reaching laws that continue even today.  Lyndon Johnson,  to his credit,  took up the Kennedy fight after his assassination and steered both laws  through the congress and senate.   both were sweeping, landscape changing laws.

Perhaps you see a pattern here. When Republicans are in office, noting happens.   Big business prospers from tax breaks and perks, while the average American, just makes due.  It happened during the Republican administration of  Calvin Coolidge’s,  Republican Herbert Hoover’s administration, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, and his son George W. Bush. Nothing happens good for the average American during Republican administrations; nothing!  If anything; probably disaster.

Now we come to the biggest crook of them all Richard Nixon. You all know the story, Nixon resigned from office in disgrace, because of the Watergate scandal, the first American president to do so. Only one other American president was threatened to be impeached; Andrew Johnson, he dodged impeachment.    Excuse  the omission, Bill Clinton, a Democrat  also dodged the impeachment bullet .

Nixon was followed by Gerald Ford, a Republican, who took office by default after Nixon was forced to resign. Ford’s best accomplishment? Pardoning Richard Nixon. That really helped the American people!

I want discuss the Reagan years because quite frankly nothing good happened during those years. He was an actor. He had a stage, perhaps summer stock. Reagan was a great actor.    He took care of big business, which is what Republicans do. You see “That’s The Way They Roll“.

George H.W. Bush #1 carried on after the  Reagan years and started a war with Iraq, which he did not finish. That’s Bush #1’s  legacy. Then we come to George W. Bush (Bush#2). He’s is absolutely one of the worst Presidents ever. He’s probably should be rated the  number three  worst president behind Calvin Coolidge and the number one worst president ever, Herbert Hoover.   All Republicans.

Now given this information, knowing the McCain has not articulated his stand on any issues, who also picked an unqualified  vice presidential candidate in  Sarah Palin, who has absolutely no business being the Republican Vice Presidential candidate, how can either one of them be considered to lead this country?   Trust me,  we are looking at one more Republican disaster if McCain/Palin are elected. We have plenty of case stories to look at to insure it does not happen. The best  predictor of future behavior is to look back at past behavior.


2 thoughts on “Republican Presidents Have A History of Overseeing Economic Disaster”

  1. Wow! Kind of skipped over Jimmy Carter’s disaster of the late 1970’s. Also, might want to double-check your facts on the New Deal. Economists believe it prolonged the Great Depression rather than helping it.

    At any rate, I think the current disaster is as much a results of bad policy from the Clinton Administration as it is that of the Bush Administration. And I think it was all exacerbated by the quick expansion of the global economy.

    Appreciate the passion in your post though!

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