The Ten Most Important Questions You Will Ever Answer In Business

People often ask me how do I market my business most effectively? That my friend is the million dollar question that many people would pay top dollar for the answer That fact of the matter is, you have to be smart about marketing your business and you must be consistent about marketing your business. And by the way, the most important thing you can do, is have a product or service that people want and that you deliver a product or service better than anyone else in your market place.

In dealing with many business owners for well over thirty years. I have found that many do not have a clue of who their market is. They take a stab at defining it. But they do not really know who their market is. Usually it is trial and error. How many people came into the store as a result of your advertising or marketing campaign? What price points brought them into the store? How much advertising did I run in a month to bring these customers in? These are all good questions, but at the end of the day; you must know the answers to these these specific questions…… I have listed them below. Study them; and press your mind until you can confidently answer all of them. Then you will have a blueprint for success and a marketing plan.

If your business is not at the point where you can deliver the tangibles and intangibles listed below; then be honest with yourself; You have some work to do!

The Ten Most Important Questions You Will Ever Answer in Business

1.) Who are your customers?

2.) How much money do your customers have to spend?

3. Can your deliver the product that your customer wants; better, cheaper and more effectively than anyone else in your Dominant Market Area?

4. Can you readily fulfill orders in a timely manner to satisfy the customer?

5. Are you known for your ability to deliver  Quality and Results?

6. Will the average consumer know your company well enough to do business with you? And if they do business with you, will they be satisfied with your product or service?

7. Are you receptive to change? Are you making good use of the online marketplace? Do you pro actively seek new methods of conducting business? Are you ahead of the curve in insuring that your business remains viable?

8. Are you really willing to analyze and study marketing and advertising trends; enough so to guarantee your success?

9. Are you savvy enough to avoid being mislead down the wrong path by advertising professionals who claim to know everything there is to know about your market and about advertising?

10. Is your growth too rapid for the viability of your company?


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