While Tiger Recuperates Money is Lost

When Tiger Woods sank a twelve foot putt that forced a sudden death 17 hole playoff on Monday at the US Open, we we amazed; but then not amazed. To be truthful it was par for the course for Woods and we’ve seen it all before .

Tiger continues to amaze us with his play; this time playing on a gimpy knee, that appeared to give out on him more than once doing the US open. But for Woods this is the way he operates.

The opponent of the week or should I say victim emerges for each tournament. Woods is a rock star the rest are Second string. Inevitably who will be served up for defeat today?

That is how dominant Tiger Woods is over the game of Golf. No one else is as consistent a winner than Woods. He was born to play golf and golf was born for him to play it.

That’s what Golf is all about and where Woods has taken it. He has forced other golfers to elevate their games and that alone has driven the tremendous popularity of Golf. Now Woods knee injury is affecting an entire industry that depends on his drawing power. Television networks depend on Woods as a draw for higher ratings and the ability to charge more for television spots.

Golf resorts and venues depend on Woods, to bring in more money and notoriety and attract world class golfers. When there is no Tiger there is less money. So that is the problem with Tiger out for knee surgery. Literally thousands of dollars will be lost until his return.


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