Robert Kennedy’s Legacy

In 1968 there was a movement afloat to keep Robert Kennedy out of the Presidential race on the promise that LBJ could commit to withdraw troops from Viet Nam. If President Johnson refused, RFK would run for president. Robert Kennedy was willing to forgo his run for the Presidency if Johnson agreed to this. He would not agree.

Many political historians suggest that the United States would be a different country today, if Bobby Kennedy was not assassinated and went on to win the Presidency of the United States. There were a number of issues that Bobby Kennedy championed that were not popular. He was an ardent supporter of Civil rights during his tenure of Attorney General of the United States. Bobby Kennedy inherited the FBI Directors initiative of pursuing bank robbers instead of focusing on Civil Right crimes in the south.

The Kennedy’s both John and Robert would spare no resources in protecting the rights of even one Civil Rights worker, or student seeking to enter a college, but denied entranced. The Kennedy’s were trailblazer and deal changer 45 years ago when Civil Right was very much a large issue and helped shaped the course of American history.

These initiative set the pace for what we see happening here today, an African- American elected as the Nominee of the Democratic Party for the Presidency of the United States. All the more remarkable given that African- Americans could not even eat at a downtown lunch counter.


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